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* Develop our own players to reach their maximum potential.

* Engender discipline and work ethic across players and coaching staff.

* Respect all opposition players, officials & Refs so they feel welcome and then speak well of the club creating positive reputation.

* Deliver age-appropriate coaching to support long-term development.

* Recognise achievement both great and small and encourage teams to share in the achievements and success of fellow players.

* Practice should replicate the demands of the 'game' as much as possible.

* Set realistic targets for players and meet those targets.

* Have a philosophy of learning through enjoyment and exercise.

* To promote social interaction within team to achieve strong team spirit.


* Community session for 7 - 11 year olds offering high standard of training to children of all abilities, focusing on fun and enjoyment.

* Develop good connections with leamington FC.

* All children should be given a minimum of a third of a game playing time.

* Squads and coaches in same age groups work closely together monitoring and assessing development of all children in their age group.

* Ensure each squad has sufficient coaches.

* To offer a challenging but supportive environment where children can learn from their mistakes without undue pressure and anxiety.

* To promote good behaviour and respect for others.

* Encourage parents to ask whether they enjoyed the game before asking the result.

* Players and parents follow the respect code of conduct.


* Produce guide books through in house and external workshops to give coaches more knowledge and confidance to plan and put on a hihg standard of coaching for all children.

* Produce induction booklet for all new and current managers outlining how as a club we should be coaching and what we expect from all associated with our club.

* Aim to have all coaches/ managers and assistants gain a minimum qualification of FA Level 1 Coaching badge with Emergency first aid & Safeguarding and a minimum of 1 per team.

* All coaches work as a team and work to a guideline on how we coach and what we should be coaching.

* Provide support and guidance to help aid development to all coaching staff.

* All coaches commit where possible outside of their team commitments
ie. workshops / meetings / Fund raising events.

* Coaches are required to strictly follow the respect code of conduct.

* Coaches don't make promises to players you cant keep.